Unsurpassed Service, Professionalism, And The Knowledge Of Bay Area Real Estate

I give my clients unsurpassed service,professionalism, and the knowledge of Bay Area Real Estate.  I educate my clients in the workings of the buying or selling process of Real Estate. The quality of possessing and steadfastly adhering to high moral principles and or professional standards is something I live by.  My integrity defines how I stand up for my
values, morals and ethics.  This is how I earn your business. You deserve the best and the best is what I’ll give.

Let me explain how I earn my clients business. It’s not just a matter of walking my buyers
or investors  into homes and looking at the amenities in as many homes as possible each day.  My objective is to take a home and dissect it, going beyond the pretty things with my clients. Thus getting my buyers involved in the structural integrity of the home
as a whole.  This helps my clients out in two ways, number one, when they walk out of a property they leave with a smile for one or two reasons …..One reason is that from all that they have learned, they saw something that didn’t sit right with them and they are happy they are walking away or number two they didn’t see anything detrimental to the property
thus smiling because this is the home they want to put an offer on. When my
clients walk into homes their heads are looking up and down and from left to
right and not just at the amenities!!! Yes I have to spend more time with my
clients in regards to teaching them about homes and what to look for, but, I
have buyers that are knowledgeable therefore making knowledgeable decisions and
you know something…..I enjoy seeing this!! This learning curve also teaches my
buyers how to take care of a home. Therefore helping them to better maintain
it, which translates into not having to put thousands of dollars unnecessarily
into fixing problems that may occur over the years.

As my client you will learn the loan process, short sale and REO (Bank Owned Homes) ins and outs.  You will be there during the inspections; these will be the professionals in their prospective fields that you will come to lean on. When it comes to the contract you will learn all eight pages.

When a contract is to be presented to the Listing Agent (Agent representing the Seller) it is not just a quick hello how are you doing, I just emailed you a contract and thank you for your time. NO, NO!! I want to actually have a conversation with the Agent. I want to not only sell the contract; I also want to sell the Agent my buyers loan….no matter what loan program is being utilized! I also take the time to sell myself thus explaining my
knowledge and my work ethics. I not only negotiate during the contractual period and there after….I start with my initial call to the Listing Agent and the presentation of the contract.

 I look forward to speaking with you!   In addition please see my referrals.