Summertime, Sum, Sum, Sumertime……

With summer around the corner it’s time to think about your vacation!  Got everything planned… opps! What about the most important member of your family? The family dog…… Ok so now the question is one, do you take him with you or do you board him? Two, if you take Fido are there places that will let you bring him and where are these places?
Three, if you decide to board Fido whom do you leave him with? Can you trust
them to properly take care of him? Sorry but these are important

Well I found a great site  that takes care of all these and more. A travel guide for your pet! Hotels that takes  pets, even pet-friendly restaurants!! Who would have thought? We love our pets  they are a part of our family and to know that they will be taken care of
whether we take them with us or leave them with someone.  Everything
you could possibly think of for the well being of your pet!


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